Doug Nouwen


Communicator – Marketer – Video Producer

“I am accustomed to working in fast paced environments and aspire to match what I’m good at with what’s difficult. My entrepreneurial experience has strengthened my judgment, made me a prompt problem solver and a determined self starter.

I’m always seeking engaging opportunities that lead to personal or professional growth.”

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Cubicle Cast “Hackers”

This special Hackers edition of the Cubicle Cast featured several thematic motion graphics.

Train Operator Rescues Lost Dog

On Saturday, June 13, a Calgary Transit CTrain operator was driving his train at Bridgeland-Memorial Station when he spotted a dog zigzagging on the tracks ahead of him.  

Understanding the Budget

Budgeting is a huge undertaking for large corporations that impacts everybody. With so many interested parties it's often difficult to make time for them all. In an effort to keep staff in the loop and increase transparency around the process, City Managers each took...

Fanta Homes

This promotional video for Fanta Homes has been used on the company website, boardroom and at many tradeshows. Motion graphic elements include actual Fanta design drawings.  

Canada Olympic Park

At the beginning of the ski season in 2007 I helped bring Canada Olympic Park to YouTube with a series called Feed Your Obsession For Stardom. Hot Dogs showed US their skills and in turn we featured them in our monthly video showcase. In addition to being seen online...

Flood preparations – Behind the scenes

After The City of Calgary experienced the flood in 2013 a follow up round of proactive communication was prepared to help citizens and businesses in the community learn how to better prepare for emergencies. These vignets and interviews were meant to visually and...

Former Graphics Reel ReMixed

This is an updated version of one of my earlier reels of Motion Graphics and Commercial segments. It includes new work for Penny Lane Entertainment, and Tucker Wireline Service. Many of the spots featured here were produced for half screen playback.

Culture Days Block Party

A special media launch took place on Sept. 23 to announce details about the Block Party which helps kick off Culture Days in Calgary.  

Four-car train service

Calgary Transit is announced it is launching four-car CTrain service ahead of schedule.  

Making Stampede party tents

We work with event organizers to ensure tents are safe by offering services like next-day safety inspections. Noise bylaws and exemption permits help balance fun time and quiet time, which are both needed during Stampede week.