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Communicator – Marketer – Video Producer

“I am accustomed to working in fast paced environments and aspire to match what I’m good at with what’s difficult. My entrepreneurial experience has strengthened my judgment, made me a prompt problem solver and a determined self starter.

I’m always seeking engaging opportunities that lead to personal or professional growth.”

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New Director of Animal & Bylaw Services

Ryan Jestin was known best as the Director of Roads for many years. This interview helped re-introduce him to city staff as the newly appointed Director of Animal & Bylaw Services.

Busking program pilot

The City of Calgary is implementing some exciting changes to the busking program for 2016, including more flexibility for busking IDs, online application process and payment options, and the introduction of amplification at designated “busk stops” and Calgary Transit...

Following Snow & Ice Control

This video demonstrates to users the different types of road work information available on an interactive map.

Calgary’s Historic City Hall is 108 years old

Calgary’s Historic City Hall is 108 years old and the only surviving city hall from this time period in Western Canada.  It’s been there through it all: Elections, natural disasters and the Olympics.

Corporate Motion Graphics Reel

This reel features work done exclusively for corporate clients. It combines shots that are full screen graphics , animated overlays and lower thirds. The companion COMMERCIAL Reel is available at:

The Cubicle Cast (series)

The Cubicle Cast was created to help keep city staff up to speed with internal news items in lieu of a traditional print newsletter. The intent of each episode was to present headline news and encourage click through to the full story on the corporate intranet. In...

Puck Drop

This slow moving custom animation was projected on the walls of an auditorium to create ambiance for a reception. It features design logos, created for the event, that were grafted onto a 3D puck and made to slowly rotate and drift.

Shaganappi Point Golf Course celebrates 100 years

The City of Calgary celebrated 100 years of municipal golf in Calgary at Shaganappi Point Golf Course. Shaganappi Point was Calgary’s first public municipal golf course and is the second oldest course in Calgary.

citySOUND – Show Intro

citySOUND was a music program that focused specifically on the Calgary music scene. The opening animation and support art all featured heavily stylised elements of the Calgary skyline. A blank billboard was also animated to introduce details about each band.

Stampede Time Lapse

This timelapse spot was used to demonstrate how street sweepers are converted for use in the Stampede Parade.