Doug Nouwen


Communicator – Marketer – Video Producer

“I am accustomed to working in fast paced environments and aspire to match what I’m good at with what’s difficult. My entrepreneurial experience has strengthened my judgment, made me a prompt problem solver and a determined self starter.

I’m always seeking engaging opportunities that lead to personal or professional growth.”

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Connecting with General Managers

Generally speaking, city GMs do not have a great deal of time. That said, every City of Calgary General Manager took a few minutes to sit down with me on set and talk about the 4 year business cycle ahead of them. This series was a rare and semi casual insight into...

Creative Monkeys Sponsorship

This animation was included on programs sponsored or produced by the Creative Monkeys Inc. The aim was to make something brief, compelling and funky!

Flood preparations – Behind the scenes

After The City of Calgary experienced the flood in 2013 a follow up round of proactive communication was prepared to help citizens and businesses in the community learn how to better prepare for emergencies. These vignets and interviews were meant to visually and...

Four-car train service

Calgary Transit is announced it is launching four-car CTrain service ahead of schedule.  

Sounds Unlimited

This logo animation was created for Sounds Unlimited. It features time lapse video with a 3D representation for their company logo.

United Way Shaker

This was a templated promotion in support of the United Way Shaker, organized by the Senior Executive Association.

The Hockey Parents’ Party

This fun promotional spot is in support of the Hockey Parents' Party.   It hypes a get together for parents in the same way a sports network would promote a major hockey game. Part of the idea behind this and other collateral for the event was to celebrate the parents...

Snow Clearing on Cycle Tracks

The cycle tracks in the downtown area are open throughout the winter. The tracks are on Priority 1 roads and will be cleared within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. Learn about how The City is clearing the snow in the cycle tracks in this video.

The Host of Christmas Past

I was honored to return to the employee news program I helped kick off as the Host of Christmas Past.

Making Stampede party tents

We work with event organizers to ensure tents are safe by offering services like next-day safety inspections. Noise bylaws and exemption permits help balance fun time and quiet time, which are both needed during Stampede week.