Doug Nouwen


Communicator – Marketer – Video Producer

“I am accustomed to working in fast paced environments and aspire to match what I’m good at with what’s difficult. My entrepreneurial experience has strengthened my judgment, made me a prompt problem solver and a determined self starter.

I’m always seeking engaging opportunities that lead to personal or professional growth.”

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citySOUND – Show Intro

citySOUND was a music program that focused specifically on the Calgary music scene. The opening animation and support art all featured heavily stylised elements of the Calgary skyline. A blank billboard was also animated to introduce details about each band.

Drawings restored from 1912

Two 1912 technical drawings of proposed bridges across the Bow River at Centre Street in the Corporate Archives collection have recently been restored, thanks to a grant from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation through the Archives Society of Alberta. Both...

Commercial Motion Graphics Reel

This reel showcases  snippets of motion graphics from several commercial spots I produced. Some of this  work has displayed  in the Saddledome, Flames Central, Cineplex Theatres and the CBC. Many of these were made to seamlessly loop for in store playback. The...

The Cubicle Cast (Pilot)

The Cubicle Cast was created to help keep city staff up to speed with internal news items in lieu of a traditional print newsletter. The intent of each episode was to present headline news and encourage click through to the full story on the corporate intranet. In...

Cubicle Cast Christmas

Another fun filled Cubicle Cast! This time our hosts were shrunk to elf size and placed in locations around the Municipal Building. Since the set used was so small we were not able to film them head to toe and improvised some fun new pants for them to wear.

Canada Olympic Park

At the beginning of the ski season in 2007 I helped bring Canada Olympic Park to YouTube with a series called Feed Your Obsession For Stardom. Hot Dogs showed US their skills and in turn we featured them in our monthly video showcase. In addition to being seen online...

Career Services

This was an on camera interview I was very happy to participate in. I was asked if I would share about my personal experience using the Career Counseling benefit from my employer. I thought the service was great and wanted to help share the good news with my...

Social media for social workers

I was invited to share my advocacy and passion for Social Media to the CNS group at the City during Learning At Work Week. One of the toughest things about sharing new technology is understanding how it relates to and individuals work and how it could help. For that...

New Director of Animal & Bylaw Services

Ryan Jestin was known best as the Director of Roads for many years. This interview helped re-introduce him to city staff as the newly appointed Director of Animal & Bylaw Services.

Canada Olympic Park Winter Promo

This 30s broadcast spot was created as a compliment to Canada Olympic Park's, "Feed Your Obsession," print campaign. It aired on CBC Calgary.