Doug Nouwen


Communicator – Marketer – Video Producer

“I am accustomed to working in fast paced environments and aspire to match what I’m good at with what’s difficult. My entrepreneurial experience has strengthened my judgment, made me a prompt problem solver and a determined self starter.

I’m always seeking engaging opportunities that lead to personal or professional growth.”

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Train Operator Rescues Lost Dog

On Saturday, June 13, a Calgary Transit CTrain operator was driving his train at Bridgeland-Memorial Station when he spotted a dog zigzagging on the tracks ahead of him.  

Pulling a bus for United Way

On Oct. 29, teams from several City of Calgary business units competed to pull a 13-ton bus across the finish line in the fastest time. The bus pull event, which promises to be a lot of fun, is being held in support of the Civic Employees United Way Campaign. Teams of...

Making Stampede party tents

We work with event organizers to ensure tents are safe by offering services like next-day safety inspections. Noise bylaws and exemption permits help balance fun time and quiet time, which are both needed during Stampede week.

Live from the eCity Trade Show

This was the first time a virtual tour was offered of the eCity Trade Show. Many teams are unable to attend because they don't work in this building or close to it. Providing this live stream made it possible for staff to attend from their desk or watch it on demand...

Cubicle Cast – Halloween Edition

This normally straight shooting employee news program went all out when it came time to celebrate Halloween and deliver headlines. Unfortunately the ideas of the cast out scaled the size of the shallow set. Each person was filmed against a green screen and then...

Career Services

This was an on camera interview I was very happy to participate in. I was asked if I would share about my personal experience using the Career Counseling benefit from my employer. I thought the service was great and wanted to help share the good news with my...

Inside 9-1-1 during the Stampede

Find out how the 9-1-1 Commander and his crew gear up for one of Calgary’s biggest events: The Calgary Stampede.

“Well done Corporate Services”

This voice over gig was a bit self serving. At the time my own business team counted among all of Corporate Services. I was only too happy to speak about the great work and achievements of my coworkers!

Sounds Unlimited

This logo animation was created for Sounds Unlimited. It features time lapse video with a 3D representation for their company logo.

What’s the SharePoint? (Presentation)

When this was produced, MS SharePoint was a reasonably new tool in my workplace. The use cases were not widely understood and the application of the tool varied greatly between workgroups. After learning about what SharePoint was capable of I began relating what I...